Welcome to Our Parish Community

There have been many changes in our parish family over the past years. We began with 250 registered families and now have over 2,200 families in our register. Sister Lucille Martinez brought this community together orginally for the Spanish-speaking as a "mission" site of St. Edward's parish. In June 1994, Bishop Straling formed the new parish of Corpus Christi, with Rev. Gerald C. DeLuney (Father Gerry) as founding pastor. The parish was first located at the Food 4 Less shopping center across the street from our present location. Six years later we purchased the property on the corner of Magnolia & McKinley in Corona. With the property came 2 former medical buildings which were remodeled into our church and parish hall buildings. The church building seats 700 people. We recently completed our parking lot which accommodates 350 passenger cars. When the mortgage on this new property is paid in full, we plan a huge mortgage burning party for the entire parish. God has been so good to us in our short history. We thank Him and praise His holy name.

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